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Point of Sale API Overview

The Square Point of Sale API uses inter-app communication to let your Android or iOS app open the Square Point of Sale app to process in-person payments with Square hardware (including the Square contactless and chip reader).

If you're building a custom point-of-sale app, you can integrate with the Point of Sale API to let Square Point of Sale handle the payment flow while your app handles everything else.

On iOS and Android, both native and web apps can use the Point of Sale API.

For a merchant using your app, the Point of Sale API payment flow looks like this:

  1. The merchant uses your app to determine the amount of money to charge a customer.
  2. The merchant's device quickly switches from your app to Square Point of Sale, where the amount to charge is pre-populated.
  3. The merchant processes the payment with Square Point of Sale.
  4. The merchant's device switches back to your app, which receives information about the result of the transaction.

Processing fees for transactions initiated with the Point of Sale API are identical to fees for transactions initiated directly from Square Point of Sale. See this article for details.

For more information on whether the Point of Sale API is the right solution for your needs, see the Point of Sale API section of the FAQ.

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