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Troubleshooting errors

See the pages linked below for help troubleshooting errors you encounter during development with Square APIs.

Payment form errors

Errors that occur while a buyer is using the SqPaymentForm are reported in one of a few different ways, depending on the error that occurred. See Handling payment form errors for details.

Connect API endpoint errors

When a Connect API endpoint encounters an error, fields describing the error are included in the endpoint's response body. The format of this response body differs between v1 and v2 endpoints.

  • The error format for v1 endpoints is described here. The message field of the response body provides the most detailed description of the error.
  • The error format for v2 endpoints is described here. The detail field of each object in the returned errors array provides the most detailed description of the error. Possible values for the category and code fields of an error are listed here.

Have Questions?

For technical questions check if there's an answer to your problem on Stack Overflow. Questions related to Square APIs are tagged with the square-connect tag. If you can't find an answer, feel free to post a new question. Square's API development team monitors this tag and tries their best to respond quickly.

If you have general, non-technical questions about building integrations with Square's APIs ask on the developer forums. Other developers will be able to see your question and offer advice.

If you still can't find an answer to your question contact support with the details of your issue and any error messages you received.

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