Employees API

What it Does

Get information on all the employees for a single merchant account, including employee IDs.

Use the Employees API to pull employee details for display on a webpage or access employee IDs for creating shifts in a Labor API timkeeping application.

Requirements and limitations

  • The Employees API cannot create or edit employees. Employees can only be created in the Square Merchant Dashboard.
  • The Employees API is not supported in sandbox.
  • Applications that use OAuth need the EMPLOYEES_READ permission.


Use the Square Dashboard to create Employees and wages for each of a seller's locations. Employees created with the Connect v1 Employees API are also shown in the Square Dashboard, can be assigned wages, and assigned to Shifts.

Employees are assigned wages based on their job title. The employee wages are used to set the calculated hourly pay rate of an employee for a shift.

Next steps

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