In-App Payments SDK Quick Start

Step 2: Configure the sample app

Download the sample app from GitHub and follow the steps below to configure it for your environment.

Java (Android)
  1. Download and open the In-App Payments SDK sample app for Android in Android Studio.
  2. In in-app-payments-android-quickstart/app/src/main, open AndroidManifest.xml and set your Square Application ID from Step 1:
  1. In app/src/main/java/com/example/supercookie, open and replace the value of the static String LOCATION_ID in line 10 with your Location ID from Step 1:
public static final String SQUARE_LOCATION_ID_FOR_GOOGLE_PAY = "REPLACE_ME";
  1. Download the In-App Payments SDK sample app for iOS.
  2. Open the InAppPaymentsSample.xcworkspace Xcode workspace. DO NOT use the project file.
  3. In the InAppPayments project, open the General tab for your app target and change the Bundle identifier to a unique string. We recommend appending .YOUR_NAME to the existing ID.
  4. In InAppPaymentsSample, open Constants.swift, and replace APPLICATION_ID with your Square Application ID from Step 1.
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Take payment with a cURL command >

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