In-App Payments SDK Quick Start

Step 4: Deploy a server backend

cURL commands are useful for testing, but impractical for production. Use our sample server to process a production Charge request.

Java (Android)

The sample server for In-App Payments is an example server that exposes 1 endpoint for charging a card for a cookie. The charge appears as a credit on your Square account.

  1. Click this link to open the Heroku sign up page: Deploy to Heroku
  2. Login or create a Heroku account.
  3. Enter a unique Heroku app name.
  4. Go to the Square Application Dashboard and select your application.
  5. Copy the Personal Access Token from the Credentials tab into the ACCESS_TOKEN field of the Heroku configuration page.
  6. Click Deploy app on the Heroku configuration page.
  7. Copy [Heroku app name] as your URL.
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Take payment with a server backend >

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