Take Payments with Square APIs and SDKs

Use Square payment APIs with custom solutions to accept payments online and in-person in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Connect, Square’s API suite, provides secure payment solutions for online and in-person payments made with supported cards.

Secure payment processing with Square

Payments processed with Square APIs and SDKs come with the same compliance guarantees as Square first-party solutions like the Point of Sale app.

As with the official Point of Sale application, use of Square APIs requires a Square Account because Square acts as both the payment processor (also known as a payment gateway) and the merchant account for the transaction. Additionally, to preserve PCI compliance, Square APIs do not support payments made with other payment processors.


See Payments Pricing with Square APIs and SDKs to learn about the transaction fees associated with payment handling with in-person and online payment handling.

Find the right solution

Build an online payment solution or an in person payment solution:

Build a custom online payment solution

Take payments securely on your website with full control of the checkout process using the SquarePayment Form and Transactions API.

Integrate with a pre-built payment solution

Take payments securely on your website with a prebuilteCommerce solution using the Checkout API.

Build a custom point of sale app

Take payments securely on your website with full control of the checkout process using the Transactions API and Square payment form.

Integrate with the Square Point of Sale app

Open the Square Point of Sale app from a custom mobile application to process in-person payments using Square hardware.

Build a custom integration

Combine Square APIs to manage products and customers, create orders, and track sales across multiple channels.


Does Square provide a device API to take payments with Square hardware from a custom app?


Reader SDK communicates directly with Square hardware to let custom mobile apps process payments.

Can I process credit card payments without using a Square-provided payment form?


To ensure PCI compliance, credit card data must be collected with a Square-managed solution:

  1. Use SqPaymentForm and the associated JavaScript library on your site to embed a secure payment form.
  2. Use the Checkout API to send customers to a secure payment form hosted by Square.
  3. Use Point of Sale API to temporarily switch over to the payment screen in Square's official app.
  4. Use Reader SDK to communicate securely with Square Readers.

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