Square API Release Notes (2017-08-22)

Release Summary

As part of our work to close gaps between the Connect V1 and Connect V2 APIs, the v2 List Locations endpoint now returns fields that were previously only available with the v1 List Locations endpoint. This should enable most developers to migrate their solutions off of the v1 Locations API.

Locations API (v2)

In addition to location ID, the List Locations endpoint now returns the following information, which can be set in the Square Dashboard:

  • business_name: the business name of the location.
  • country: the country of operation for the location.
  • currency: the transaction currency for the location.
  • language_code: the language configured for the location.
  • merchant_id: the internal Square ID of the merchant that owns the location.
  • name: the nickname of the location.
  • phone_number: the phone number of the location.

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