Square API Release Notes (2017-09-27)

Release Summary: Checkout API, Transactions API

Web Apple Pay

Starting 2017-09-27 Checkout API and the Square Payment Form now accept Web Apple Pay payments from customers using the Safari browser. Web Apple Pay is a cleaner way to accept mobile web payments from iPhone users. Consumers are increasingly making purchases on their mobile devices and we want to make it as easy and seamless as possible to provide that optimized checkout experience.

Checkout API

  • Support for Web Apple Pay is built into the Checkout UI and is automatically enabled for anyone using the Checkout API.
  • Web Apple Pay is not currently supported in Sandbox.

Square Payment Form (SqPaymentForm)

The Transaction API now supports the following request fields:

  • SqPaymentForm now looks for placeholders associated with Web Apple Pay. If placeholders are set Web Apple Pay will trigger.

  • The Web Apple Pay button will only render if the site domain is registered with Apple. To register your domain visit the Application Dashboard and click on the Apple Pay tab for your application.

  • To learn more about how to integrated with Web Apple Pay see the Payment Form Setup Guide. or our example code on Github:

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