Testing in unsupported regions

Testing recommendations for developers in unsupported regions

Currently, Square APIs are only supported for accounts based in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan. We are working to make them available in additional countries soon.

If you are a developer trying to build on Square APIs for a Seller based in a Square-supported country, we recommend the following testing solutions:

  • To test payment-related APIsUse the Seller's sandbox credentials to test payment-related APIs.
  • To test non-payment related APIs or payment-related APIs in production — Ask the Seller based in a Square-supported country that you are working with to provide you with a valid application ID and/or personal access token. Transactions must use the currency of the Seller account so we recommend hiring beta testers in a Square-supported country to test your functionality before release.
  • To test Point of Sale APIs — Test payment requests using the CASH tender type. Square readers will only work in Square-supported countries.
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